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Savor the
   Fusion of Flavors

Your go-to hookah lounge to
enjoy five star shisha in the
Baltimore, Maryland,
DMV area.

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An Asian &
Middle Eastern

Whether you refer to it as hookah, shisha or argileh, Aagh invites you to enjoy our various ingredients and techniques used to create an unforgettable experience while displaying an appreciation to the cultures we have learned the art of hookah from.




We offer a blend of flavors that would allow you to sample fruity to minty combinations. 

Host an Affair or Cater an Event

Whether you’re hosting a brunch, baby shower, dinner party, or small reception, Aagh has the perfect venue and setting for any occasion. 

Prefer to utilize our catering service at an off-site location? With our creative menu and dedication to excellent service, Aagh  is the perfect shisha caterer to host your special event!


Your go-to hookah lounge to enjoy five star shisha in the Baltimore, Maryland, DMV area.

Get to Know Us

Aagh is a local owned business that is situated in Catonsville, Maryland. We established ourselves in 2014 and are in close proximity to Baltimore City. Aagh offers a variety of flavors for shisha lovers to enjoy. Our specialty hookahs are prepared with unique mixes of flavor combined with house specials in the hookah base. Our hookah makers have undergone specific training to provide our customers with a rich, smoke-filled, and flavorful shisha experience.


Aagh's environment is relaxing that allows our patrons to experience a calm and enjoyable atmosphere. Customers can enter Aagh on weekdays to enjoy a laid back and calm scene. On weekends, our customers have the opportunity to engage with close friends and Aagh's family. Our customers are our top priority and excellent service is our goal. We not only provide a great hookah experience, but also a great environment for anyone to enjoy.

We can also help you celebrate any special event, birthday, anniversary or private gathering. Contact us for details.

Jason S., MD

"Aagh lounge has literally become my home away from home over the past few months. I first found out about this place a few years ago, before the renovation. The one thing that has always been consistent, is the customer service. The staff is always attentive and remember your name and order. If you are looking for a chill environment, good background music, good wifi, great hookah, and great service stop by. Ask for Tay!"

George S., CA

"Great spot to hangout.  I love the setup they created, it's very unique.  There is a game room, a movie area, a spot to hear loud music, and another room that I can only describe as the "pink swinging room".  Very friendly staff and decent hookah.  I'll be back soon."

Chanakya B., NJ

"Great spot to hang out! Staff is very friendly, professional and attentive. They are alway quick to take your order, make recommendations when requested. Folks come to this lace to hang out from far off distances cause of great service and warm friendly environment."
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